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All GroupSouth products are developed using the latest Microsoft Window's Open Service technologies and methodologies, utilizing object-oriented programming to ensure full scalability, and connectivity, maximizing your software investment.

When you purchase GroupSouth products you are buying a solution for today and an investment for the tomorrow.


The users spoke and we listened. All new with all the functionality of version 5.0 plus new technologies such as Microsoft SQL 2000 and XML warranty claims processing. Improved functionality such as Split Claims and Parts Order Receiving. Order your new version today.
Service Magic v7       Frequently Asked Questions


It's all about control. Accurate and timely information gives you that control. The increased demands for real time information has become a critical issue for the business success.

From shipping and receiving to assembly workflow control and bills of material. IBeam covers it all.
IBeam 7


You purchased carts to increase your productivity and reduce your handling costs. The longer one of your carts remains with your customer, the less your investment returns to you in reduced handling costs.

Do you know where your carts are? Start answering that question today.
Cart Tracker v1.2

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