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  • Service Magic reduces your paperwork frustration during every step of the service process.
  • Enter information once and it is available to everyone in the organization. No more wasting time searching for a unit or order status.
  • Electronically file or print warranty claims with the information entered by the technician while preparing the invoice. No more re-keying data into multiply systems.
  • Synchronize the work order status with parts requested by the technician for a particular work order.
  • The work order will be automatically flagged for timely completion, once all the requested parts have been received.
  • Service Magic is designed to integrate all the information you need to manage your daily service center operations.

Standard Features
Advanced Features
  • Customer Relations
  • Vendor Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Custom Tax Sets
  • Service Call scheduling
  • Integrated parts ordering
  • Multi location inventory
  • Structured warranty filing
  • Parts ordering history
  • Equipment service history
  • Open database
  • Microsoft office compatibility
  • Crystal reports
Control Center
The control center allows quick access to any facet of the service centers daily operation. Create work orders for existing customers. Schedule technician daily production. Manages customer's relations. Review the shops workload at a glance. Determine the status of a parts order with a vendor. From creating work orders to warranty collections the control center integrates it all.

Work Bench
We provide management tools but we also provide tools to make your technician, productive and profitable. Track time required to complete each work order. Access to user-defined symptom and cure knowledge base. Find service bulletin availability in the user defined manual library. Lookup and request parts against real time inventory availability. Use the cross-reference utility to determine if a common part is available to immediately complete the work order. Total access to any information need to effectively and efficiently complete the work order.

Processing warranty claims profitability is difficult and time consuming. Processing claims for multiply warranty companies increases the complexity exponentially. Service Magic provides a uniform framework for gathering and managing the different filing procedures for each warranty company. These procedures are enforced by the system during the claim preparation. Service Magic allows you to file in several formats: printing NESDA, NARDA, CEASA forms or electronically through ServiceBench, Key Prestige, Wood Technologies, or SONY of Canada.

Collecting warranty claims and reimbursements is just as difficult and time consuming as properly preparing claims. Service Magic provides the tools to track each warranty line you filed. Warranty reconciliation ensures that each amount is reimbursed in full.

Using Service Magic to manage the warranty process helps to ensure first time throughput and repayment of every penny due. Minimizing the cost of refilling and avoiding losing track of amounts due directly increases the bottom line.

Historical information is very valuable for managing the organization. One can see developing trends. Increase productivity and customer service by spotting employees with above average rework rates. Determine the lowest cost vendor based on historical prices. Increase sales by tapping your customer's history and developing marketing materials. Keep inventories low by determining stock levels based on parts requested. Determine sales by product class and manufacture of equipment services.
Service magic allows easy access to all your business history.

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