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The complete cart fleet management solution
Cart Trackerô is the easy to use program to manage your investment in shipping equipment. photo1 With a few clicks, you can complete any operation. Cart fleet managment is now easier than ever.

Track your Investment
You spend a lot of money on shipping carts and racks to make you more productive and profitable and it sure would be nice to know where that investment is. Cart Trackerô can help you do just that.

  • Know where your carts are at all times.
  • Track every cart by serial number.
  • Know each carts shipping history. Know where its been in its life time.
  • Increase accuracy with state of the art bar-code labeling technologies.

Get the Information you need
Cart Trackerô can generate powerful reports such as a delivery ticket that list each cart that needs to be delivered to a customer. Your driver can insure accurate delivery. Another report is the 'Cart Aging Report' that list outstanding carts by customer and duration. Supply your delivery personnel with the information to retrieve your valuable investment.

Turn data into information
You can track your cart fleet with stacks of paper and countless hours of lost productivity trying to create reports Cart Trackerô can produce in an instant. Save your business those unproductive costs. Use Cart Trackerô to quickly and accurately manage your cart fleet.

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