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warehouse1IBeam is ideal for small to mid-sized warehouses. The IBeam Inventory module effectively maintains your inventory with physical inventory and cycle counting capabilities. Powerful utilities such as serial and lot number tracking, creating your own inventory classification and setting inventory triggers allows you to keep up with the demanding pace of a warehouse environment. Use the built-in reports to monitor and manage your inventory.

Shipping and Receiving
Use the IBeam Shipping and Receiving module in conjunction with the Inventory module to create a perpetual inventory system that maintains an accurate and up-to-date inventory. Create receiving documents by purchase order for inventory or work orders. Also, use the Shipping and Receiving module to manage customer RMAís. ship1

Use the shipping process, to aid warehouse order pickers in verifying all orders are completed and shipped. Never over ship or under ship a customers order again. Deliver on time shipments every time.

Create shipment documents, perform put away transactions , transfer and move inventory items utilizing the IBeam portable data collection modules.

Order Management
Determine inventory availability, shop floor capacity and employee availability by creating build-to-order or build-to-inventory orders with the Customer Order modules. Use powerful utilities such as order duplication and split order to increase your shop floor flexibility.

Request parts for a particular order or inventory. Determine the status of awaiting parts for open or pending orders. Always know the status of customers order every time. Be confident on when it will be completed and ready to ship.

Assembly (kitting)
kit1Manage your kits and bill of materials by using the IBeam Assembly module. Create the tasks needed to produce a kit. Define the work cells and production steps required for the tasks to maximize your work flow process control.

Calculate cost and prices as well as alternative price to determine your production cost. Place generic parts in the kit to create a extremely powerful substitution of items for easy replacement or upgrading at order time.

Link a file name such as a CAD drawings associated with the kit for a visual representation.

Work Flow Management
Combine the power of job routing, assembly steps and work cells by using IBeamís Work Flow Management. Map your process to IBeam by defining your own production work cells.

Maximize your production process by applying assembly steps and special assembly notes to any bill of material. Utilize serialized or lot inventory to manage your production traceability. Create serialized or lots to completed assemblies to maintain customer purchased traceability.

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